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    Smart Umbrella

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    How can an umbrella be smart? Well here’s how!

    You will no longer need to carry plastic bags for your wet umbrella and you will also never leave your umbrella behind in a restaurant or lose it in a shopping mall again!

    The unique design of the handle, including its thickness and width, ensures no drips of water when placed upright, acting as a water catcher stopping those annoying drips when you come inside out of the rain by the use of innovative inside out folding which stops the drips.

    The handle also has a unique top attachment that is designed as a hook to hang off the back of your chair or a desk or coffee table.

    With attractive colors, a steel frame and a semi-automatic structure, this smart umbrella is a must have this winter!


    Semi-automatic structure

    Inside out Folding

    3 Way folding

    Drip and loss proof handle

    Durable structure

    Material: steel frame

    Colour: Brown


    1 x Smart Umbrella

    Smart Umbrella