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    Snore Stopper Wrist Band

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    Snoring is probably one of the most frustrating things for a partner. Sounding like a growling bear in a cave or a jackhammer, snoring can push people to edge through loss of sleep, tossing and turning as well as anxiety.

    Before you hit your partner with your pillow or resign yourself to a life sleeping in the spare room, try this revolutionary anti-snoring aid! The Snore Stopper wristband fits onto the snorers wrist and sends gentle, painless electrical pulses to the snorers nerves, which gently encourages them to move their sleeping position. The pulses are so gentle they do not disturb or wake the snorer and you can both wake up refreshed after a great night’s sleep.

    For the snorer, regular sleepless nights and frequent snoring can be a sign of poor health so please see your GP if snoring is loud, regular and getting worse.


    Universal wristband fits all sizes

    7 intensity levels depending on severity of the snore

    Powered by 1x AAA 1.5volt battery (not included)

    Mini screwdriver included

    Measurements: 8cm Diameter * 5cm Width

    User manual guide included


    1 x Snore stopper wristband

    Snore Stopper Wrist Band