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    Solar Powered Snake Repeller

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    Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous snakes and with our homes and suburban areas growing and overlapping into their territory more and more snakes are becoming inquisitive and investigating homes, farms and businesses in search of food.

    The solar powered snake repeller is able to transmit irritating sound frequencies that can only be heard by snakes as they weave through the ground and keep them at bay. Emitting at around 400-1000 Hz, this vibrating pulse will irritate and repel the unwanted guests without harming them in any way.

    Why take a chance on a nasty, fright, or worse a serious bite. Ensure that your home, camp or caravan is snake free with this solar powered snake repeller.

    Ssssssleeeeep well at last!


    Pack of 1 solar power snake repeller

    Emits pulsing vibration - snakes perceive this as danger and will evacuate the area

    Includes solar panel with backup rechargeable battery

    UV resistant

    Weather resistant - fully waterproof

    Works with most soil types

    Safe for children and pets

    LED lights for night time pathway illumination

    Suitable for garden, yard, farm, and orchard

    Solar Panel power rate:4V/45MA

    Output:DV4.5(V) HZ:50-60(HZ) power:0.1(W)

    solar panel size:70×90MM

    Range: 650 Square Meters

    Battery:1 × 1.2V/800mAH "AA" Ni-Cd

    Material: ABS & Aluminium

    The repeller makes a sound to repell snakes


    1 x Solar Powered Snake Repeller

    Solar Powered Snake Repeller