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    Soothing Medi Socks

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    These socks may look a little strange but they are extremely comfortable and will soothe hard working feet. The socks work by gently stretching, re-aligning and soothing the bones in your toes for relief from aching feet and common foot problems caused by walking in high heels or standing for extending periods of time.

    Perfect for treating bunions, foot cramps and aching feet after a long day at work in a gentle, natural way. If you are glamming it up for Spring racing carnival or intend to wear your highest heels over the festive season these socks will be a welcome relief when you get home.

    Keep your feet pretty and healthy so you can wiggle your toes with pride in stylish sandals without being embarrassed by hammertoes or stepping from foot to foot when your heels cause you pain and the balls of your feet burn.

    Wear them while you sleep and feel footloose and fancy free the next morning!


    Colour: White Only

    Soft material

    Machine Washable

    One Size Fits all (28cm x 8cm)


    1 x Soothing Medi Socks

    Soothing Medi Socks