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    Teeny Tiny Reading Lamp

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    This little lamp is as useful as it is cute! The retro design, teeny tiny lamp will give you enough light to read comfortably without waking or disturbing your partner. Perfect for reading, writing and typing. The clip also doubles as a super cute bookmark.

    The perfect gift for any bookworm!


    Colours: Black, Blue, Red

    Retro desk lamp style

    Double articulated hinges - angle adjustable up to 120°

    Detach base for use as a book & magazine clip-on reading light

    Book clip attaches to pages up to 4mm

    Battery powered for self-contained usability

    LED bulb estimated at 50,000 hours working life

    Tough ABS plastic construction

    Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 cm

    Battery Power: 3 x 1.5V AG3

    Batteries Included

    If the lightbulb can be replaced--cant.

    Lightbulb: 1 x LED F5

    Lightbulb cannot be replaced

    Weight: 120g

    Stem of the lamp can double as a book clip


    1 x Teeny Tiny Reading Lamp

    Teeny Tiny Reading Lamp