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    Travel Comfort Set

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    Flying and long distance travel is fun for a while, until it's time for sleep. Crowded cabins with screaming children and laptop and tablet screens which light a dim cabin up like a lighthouse! Rest peacefully and with a little quiet with this great little travel comfort set. The U-neck travel pillow inflates to support your neck, the eye mask removes distracting lights and flickering while the earplugs drown out the screams of the toddler in row c!

    A great gift for yourself or anyone about to head off on a long trip.


    Colours: Blue, Grey, Pink, Red

    Pillow size: 42.5*26.5cm.

    Eye Mask size: 17.5*7.5cm.

    U-shaped Neck Pillow Material: PVC flocking

    Set Earplugs Material: Polyester

    Eye Mask Material: PP cotton


    1 x U-shaped Neck Pillow

    1 x Set Earplugs

    1 x Eye Mask

    Travel Comfort Set