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    Travel Document & Money Holder

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    Overseas travelling can be a stressful experience; checking lists, packing bags, booking hotels and transport, the list goes on!

    The most essential items for travelling are definitely your tickets, passports, visa documents and traveller’s cheques or money.

    The last thing you need is to waste time and hold up queues by fossicking through hand luggage to find their passport or other items.

    Keep all your important and valuable travelling essentials together in a handy passport, travel document and money holder. Its durable material will also ensure that your documents remain safe as well as in a good condition.

    The travel document holder comes in a choice of blue and pink so its easily seen in any hand luggage bag and can be pulled out quickly when its time to check in!


    Sections for documents, money, passport, tickets

    Colours: Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Pink, Dark Red and Grey


    1 x Travel Document & Money Holder

    Travel Document & Money Holder