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    Travel Pack

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    Portable Luggage Scales

    Take the worry out of your next holiday or business trip with this clever two piece Travel Pack. Including Portable Luggage Scales and Travel Document Holder, you’ll never be overweight or left without your important paperwork at the airport again.

    It’s never nice to hear you’re overweight ..Especially when it’s at the airport and it means that you have to pay extra to take your luggage with you. These portable scales are an accurate and simple way to ensure that your baggage stays within its weight allowance.

    Correct to the nearest 10g, the weight of your luggage will be one less thing for the family, traveller or business person to worry about when jet setting around the globe.

    With a clear LED display, these scales are ideal for people of all ages, from the young to the elderly. Simple to use, just attach the clip to the top of your suitcase / backpack and lift. Compared to the age old favourite of trying to balance your baggage onto traditional household scales, this is a thousand times easier and more reliable.

    Lightweight and portable, just pop these in your suitcase and make sure that you don’t exceed any limits on your return trip, after all, it’s likely to have a few more dresses / suits / souvenirs inside.

    Travel Document Holder

    Keep all your important and valuable travelling essentials together in a handy Passport, Travel Document and Money Holder. Everything that is important will be kept safely and all together with this great organiser.

    The most essential items for travelling are definitely your tickets, passports, important documents and travellers cheques or money. The last thing you need is being the person who spends hours fossicking through hand luggage to find their passport. This travel document organiser will solve all your holiday worries.

    Its durable quality will also ensure that your documents remain safe and in pristine condition. It comes in an attractive blue and pink therefore it will never go missing amongst the other things in your hand luggage.

    Choose between Green, Dark Red, Pink, Navy Blue, Sky Blue or Grey for your Travel Document Holder.

    Great for holiday makers and business travellers of any age, two piece Travel Pack will help you stay organised and stress free throughout each journey.


    Each Pack includes Travel Scales and Travel Document Holder

    A great present for a friend going on vacation, or an awesome pack for you to own!

    Portable Luggage Scales:

    Easy to hold handle with display on top of handle. No bending to see weight

    Includes free carry bag.

    Easy to use. Very Accurate.

    Weighs in kg, grams, oz, or lbs

    Features blue back light digital display for easy reading

    Weighs up to 40kg to the nearest 10g

    Simply attach strap to handle of case, rucksack, bag and lift, the auto hold will you the weight after 5 seconds

    Batteries EXCLUDED - 2 AAA batteries

    Travel Document Holder:

    Keep travelling essentials together in a handy Passport, Travel Document and Money Holder.

    Perfect for the whole family

    Great for travellers, holiday makers or just organised people

    Save time searching


    1 x Portable Luggage Scales

    1 x Travel Document Holder

    Travel Pack