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    Travel Underwear Organiser

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    Do you hate unpacking? Do you find that you are always looking for that other sock or matching bikini bottoms? Does the entire contents of your suitcase end up crumpled on the floor? Then you need our great travel underwear organiser.

    The travel underwear organiser features multiple pockets designed to fit a range of essential travel undergarments, no more bras getting twisted and tangled, and swimsuits can be stored safely without getting other clothes wet in the waterproof pouch.

    You can use the travel underwear organiser for anything, from your delicate undergarments, to baby accessories, nappies, socks and onesies. Universally designed in size to fit most luggage and suitcases means you will no longer have a meltdown when trying to search for something in your suitcase!

    Choose from four different colours to match your existing travel gear or to colour code different items.

    A great gift for any business traveller or busy mum, and the perfect gift for a family member who has the travel bug!


    Size: 260 x 130 x 120 mm

    Weight: 140g

    Colours: Green, Blue, Pink, Sky Blue


    1 x Travel Underwear Organiser

    Travel Underwear Organiser