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    Ultimate Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4

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    This is the ultimate Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4!

    Satisfy all your needs with these essential accessories


    EXTERNAL CHARGER FOR PHONES & TABLETS: Ideal for powering and charging iPod, iPhone, mobile phones, MP3s, Tablets and other portable devices. This universal charger is perfect for the family home, dorm room or work where there are many different devices used by the family or staff.

    MICRO USB CAR CHARGER: Charge your mobile products on the road with this Micro USB Car Charger.

    SPORTY ARMBAND FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S4: Looking for a way to carry your Samsung Galaxy S4 during work outs or while you are out on a run? The innovative and practical sport armband for Samsung Galaxy S4 enables you to take your phone out on a run or to the gym. The perfect way to keep your Samsung with you when you workout!

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 WALLET CASE: Offering excellent protection with style! This padded wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S4 offers solid protection against minor impacts, but still thin enough not to add bulk to your device.

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 CHARGING DOCK: This great little charging dock will enable you to swipe, browse, sync and play your music while charging your Samsung S4 discreetly on your desk or workbench. Keep your phone close and your desk tidy with this small and robust charging dock.

    LIGHTNING FAST USB CHARGER: Replace your old chargers with this 10W rapid fast USB charger. It’s lightning fast power boosts your battery life quickly without damaging the device.

    RETRACTABLE USB TO MICRO 5P DATA CHARGING CABLE: This retractable cable serves as a connector between your devices and a computer. The retractable design keeps everything neat and you can easily extend the cord to the length you need. This USB male to Micro 5- Pin male cable is equipped with a charging function, which enables users to transfer data and charge devices simultaneously whilst ensuring reliable and a high performance data rate.


    1 x External Charger for Phones & Tablets

    1 x Micro USB Car Charger

    1 x Sporty Armband for Samsung Galaxy S4

    1 x Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case (Black)

    1 x Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Dock (White)

    1 x Lightning Fast USB Charger

    1 x Retractable USB to Micro 5P Data Charging Cable

    Ultimate Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4