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    Ultimate Travel Accessory Pack

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    This is the ultimate Travel Accessory Pack for your trip next or to buy a friend who is travelling the world


    EXTERNAL CHARGER FOR PHONES & TABLETS: Ideal for powering and charging iPod, iPhone, mobile phones, MP3s, Tablets and other portable devices. This universal charger is perfect for the family home, dorm room or work where there are many different devices used by the family or staff.

    PORTABLE TRAVEL LUGGAGE SCALE: This portable travel luggage scale has and easy grip handle ergonomically designed for easy lifting and features a digital display so you can look down and see an accurate weight of your luggage.

    HIDDEN TRAVEL WALLET: This is a must have gift for any traveller. Designed to fit securely under clothes and be unseen, this hidden travel wallet will keep your travel documents and cash safe while on the move.

    RAINBOW LUGGAGE STRAP LOCK: Maximise the enjoyment of your holiday from the very beginning to the very end with this funky, rainbow coloured luggage strap lock. The 3 digit combination can be reset whenever you like and gives you added security while travelling. The tough, durable, rainbow coloured strap adds fun and brightens any suitcase, as well as making your luggage easy to spot on the carousel! There is also a re-usable name tag to add your destination details.

    UNIVERSAL HEADPHONE SPLITTER: This little gadget is the perfect gift for any music fan and friends who like to listen to the same music. No more sharing one earpiece! Simply pop the headphone splitter into the headphone jack and then insert two pairs of headphones and you have double the music!


    1 x External Charger for Phones & Tablets

    1 x Portable Travel Luggage Scale

    1 x Hidden Travel Wallet

    1 x Rainbow Luggage Strap Lock

    1 x Universal Headphone Splitter

    Ultimate Travel Accessory Pack