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    Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier 2.3L

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    Featuring an operating time of up to 9 hours with a tank capacity of 2.3L, this ultrasonic cool mist air humidifier will last the whole night. Equipped with a fragrance diffuser, you can add a few drops of your favourite oils for an added indulgence and comfort. The ultra-silent operation, automatic switch-off function, and the energy-efficient quality of the air humidifier makes it the perfect addition to add to your home and office for plenty of easy-breathing days. Besides the health benefits to you and your family, the ultrasonic cool mist air humidifier offers benefits to your home too. It helps in reducing static electricity in the air and can help to preserve a room's appearance by slowing the peeling of wallpaper and preventing cracks in paint and furniture.


    Ultrasonic cool mist air humidifier w/ fragrance diffuser

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Automatic shut-off

    Adjustable mist level

    Upward directional mist outlet

    Quiet operation


    Blue operating light

    Low-water indicator light

    Prevent dryness, respiratory ailments and allergies

    Perfect for use in dry atmosphere and air conditioned rooms

    CB, CE, EMC, RoHS, PSE, LVD certified

    Humidification per fill: 9hrs

    Effective area: 35m2

    Mist Output:

    Power: 23watts

    Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz

    Capacity: 2.3L


    Humidity control: Manual

    Colours: Dark Wood, Natural Wood


    1 x 2.3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier

    1 x User Manual

    Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier 2.3L