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    Universal Car Mobile Mount

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    This universal mobile car holder allows you to easily store your mobile in your car. The universal fitting also means that you don’t need to remove your mobile phone case every time you drive.

    It is designed to allow you to position your mobile phone or mp3 player on either on your car's windscreen or the dashboard in easy view so you can drive safely. It sits discreetly on your dashboard and will not obscure your view of the road.

    With the adjustable swivel bracket you can easily remove the car holder from your windscreen and place it on the dashboard or move from car to car. As the holder uses a ball joint, you can position your device at any angle making it easy to adjust to the sun or glare.

    The suction mount offers a superior grip to whatever surface you apply it to, ensuring that your mobile phone won’t fall causing damage to your device or distraction while driving.

    The opening at the bottom of the holder means you can still access your charging socket or 3.5mm socket at all times. The arms also extend from 50mm to a maximum of 80mm, which is enough for even the larger Smartphones.

    Featuring soft pads that gently cushion your device whilst it’s in the holder protects your device and stops it slipping out of the holder.


    Includes a fully assembled unit plus dashboard adhesive attachment

    Holds phones 50-80mm.

    Position your phone at any angle with access for chargers and headphone sockets

    Super, long lasting grip to both the dash board and the windscreen

    Can be used with you SmartPhone still in its case

    Small and discreet doesn't block your view of the road

    Colour: Black


    1 x Holder Main Unit

    1 x Holder Cupule

    1 x Installation Instructions (on box)

    Universal Car Mobile Mount