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    FID Flat Incline Decline Bench Press w/ Leg Extension

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    Ready for an intense full-body workout? We're proud to present the Incline/Decline Multi-Use Workout Bench. This sturdy piece of equipment offers an amazing array of workout options.

    From inclined to flat to declined, this bench is fully adjustable, giving you the versatility you need to perform a variety of presses, curls, and leg exercises. Everything from a leg extension and leg curl to a preacher pad and bicep curl are here. There's not much this machine can't do. Degrees of incline/decline are marked so you can exactly customise your workout. Holders accommodate Olympic-sized weight plates.

    Your purchase of the workout bench comes with peace of mind — the bench is constructed with heavy-duty steel, the padding is a high-density foam that won't bottom out, and the upholstery is engineered to resist rips and tears. This bench will take whatever punishment you can dish out and be ready for more. And non-slip feet ensure stability for your intense sessions.

    There's no reason to wait with our everyday low price. Get your Incline/Decline Multi-Use Workout Bench today.


    Fully adjustable incline, decline, and flat positions

    Marked degrees of decline to exactly customise your workout

    Preacher pad and bicep curl

    Leg extension and leg curl

    Heavy-duty steel construction

    High-density foam padding

    Rip-resistant upholstery

    Non-slip feet pads

    Olympic weight plate holders

    Dimensions of 200 x 70 x 118 cm (L x W x H, at 90 degrees)

    Assembly required; full instructions included


    1 x FID Flat Incline Decline Bench Press w/ Leg Extension

    FID Flat Incline Decline Bench Press w/ Leg Extension