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    Christmas Entertaining

    Christmas is a time for celebrating family and friends whilst eating and drinking until you are too full to move!  We have some great Christmas entertaining ideas to ensure that your gathering, picnic, lunch, or poolside BBQ is one to be remembered!

    Invest in a set of cutlery which matches, a contemporary style cutlery set can really set off a table setting and look fabulous when your guests arrive to eat.

    Create a bit of fun with some exciting ice balls which can hold pieces of fruit or mint to create refreshing and special cordials and punches, or line your veranda with delicate solar lights which come on as the sun goes down and you move into evening entertaining.

    A novelty gift bag with a dinner party game, a bonbon or a small secret Santa gift can get everyone in the festive spirit and create a great icebreaker and conversation to get the festivities started too!

    A few little touches to your entertaining will make a great day a fabulous, memorable one for all your friends and family.  Here’s to a wonderful Christmas!

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    Keeping Cool In Summer

    This summer in Australia is already ramping up to be a hot one, so it pays to be prepared and to take steps to keep cool, safe and happy in the summer sun!

    Keep hydrated with a bottle of water on you at all times, most beaches and malls have a water fountain so you can re-fill, re-hydrate and carry on with your day.  Also encourage hydration by making fun ice cubes and ice balls for juices, cordials and punches.  A fun way to enjoy a refreshing drink!

    Little ones need lots of shade, so choose toys, which keep them out of the sun, or ones that involve a splash in some cool water!  There are many types of paddling pools and water games to keep children of any age interested and the bonus is that most of these kinds of toys are easy on the pocket!

    Keep covered.  Wear a hat, wrap your shoulders with a scarf to prevent aging sunburn and pop a sundress on in the middle of the day when it is hottest to maintain a healthy tan without unsightly sunburn, marks and possible sunstroke.

    Most importantly, slip, slop, slap that sunscreen on at regular intervals to be truly sun smart and have a wonderful, comfortable summer!

    #sunsmart #suntips #sunprotection #keepcool

    Kitchen Kool

    Is your kitchenware made up of mix and match old saucepans from your student days, a frying pan you stole from your mums house and a collection of pot lids that don’t seem to fit any pots?  Then it may be time to donate your old kitchenware to the charity shop and invest in a shiny new set to re-ignite your passion for cooking!

    Stone coated cookware is the new, innovative way to cook meals efficiently, evenly without the use of cooking oils!  They also look fabulous on your kitchen shelf and you will want to display them!

    Invest in a set of professional kitchen knives.  Feel like a celebrity chef as you chop, peel, slice and dice your way to culinary nirvana!  Just a glance of a nice set of professional knives on your kitchen top will inspire you to get cooking!

    If you love cooking but are always in a rush, there are some great new products on the market specifically designed for one-pot cooking.  You can create delicious healthy meals and soups, which taste home made and delight the family in no time at all. A really great idea for the time poor who still care about what they eat.

    By choosing the right kitchenware you can discover your inner chef!

    #stoneware #marblecookware #kitchenware #homecooking

    Festival Vibe

    Summer is coming and along with lazy beach days, pool parties and picnics, we have festival season too!  Make sure you get the most out of your weekend of music, cars, fishing or whatever festival interests you most with these handy tips to breezing through a festival weekend!

    Hydrate!  Always carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go.  Festivals will have a bohemian vibe, but that also means bohemian facilities!  The sun can catch you out and if you don’t know where the nearest cold bar or shady tree is, so it pays to have some water on you.  A portable juicer means you can add your own fruit and juice to create a refreshing drink in the mid-day sun!

    Camp in comfort!  An uncomfortable nights sleep can make you grumpy and achy the next morning and potential spoil your holiday fun.  Invest in a comfy, quick inflate and deflate bed to give you a premium night’s sleep even if it is under the stars!  If you are a little scared about using the festival toilets, it’s easy to pop up a toilet tent and take your own camping toilet to avoid the mad dash in the middle of the night to the dirty porta-loos!

    Look the part!  Get into the festival spirit and let your inner child flow through you with some colourful hair chalk or hair extensions.  Run free and enjoy the weekend as a real hippy and wash and take them out so you also look the part for Monday morning at work!

    Embrace any festival you attend this summer with an open mind, practicality and a bit of fun and you will have the best summer ever!

    #festivaltips #summercamping #summer #musicfestivals

    Pesky Pets

    Pets become part of the family and our furry friends give us plenty of love, loyalty and cuddles!  There are times however, when our four legged furry friends become a little troublesome!

    Don't panic! With a few innovative gadgets and toys you can keep your furry friend on their very best behaviour.

    Stop the barking without harming your pet with a discreet ultrasonic anti-bark unit.  Place the unit in your garden and if your dog barks within the vicinity of the unit it emits a high pitched tone which dogs hate.  In no time your dog will associate barking with a bad time and stop.  No more complaints from the neighbours when you are at work!

    Cats need stimulation; they also naturally pull their claws.  This can cause huge problems if they start tearing up your new couch!  Invest in a cat scratch tower which allows your feline friend to scratch and pull at their claws and also play on the levels and hide away in the house when they want quite time.  A great unit to choose if you have young children to allow your cat a place to retreat for peace and quiet.

    Puppy pees!  Puppies are cute, adorable and full of fun.  Sometimes as they grow they are too occupied with their adventures and sometimes miss the cue to ask to go outside.  During those first crucial puppy weeks and months it helps to have some puppy training pads near their bed.  The specially designed pads absorb liquid but also stop the house smelling too!

    Does your dog get a little too excited when it's time for walkies?  Pulling on a lead and jumping around is tiresome for you and frustrating.  Invest in a harness for your dog which is comfortable for your dog to wear and controls the body of your dog making walkies a lot more pleasant for both owner and dog!

    Training your pet using cruelty free accessories will make for a happier home, a happier pet and a happier you!

    #dogtraining #happydogs #dogaccessories #happycats