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    Juice Up!

    Juicing is the craze which won't go away.  Probably because drinking fresh juices and blending fresh fruits and vegetables can only be a good thing when done as part of a healthy diet plan.

    There are many ways to get fresh juices into your body and with come all the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay healthy and vital.  From juicing detox's to just adding juices to your cooking and working day, there are options galore and no excuse to miss out on a vitamin hit!

    Add lemon juice to your water and make that your first drink of the day.  You can save your lemon or lime by going brown and get the most out of your juice by adding a citrus juice sprayer.  Squirt fresh juice into your water to cleanse your liver and stimulate your body before you start your day!

    For a full, fresh juice, look for specific juicers which enable you to create your own flavours and favourite juices, getting those vital nutrients directly into your body.

    If you are pushed for time, look for a water bottle or teapot with an in-built infuser.  These infusers let the juice and flavour seep out into your water to give a great taste and encourage you to drink more water and keep hydrated.

    Look for small changes to your daily routine which enable you to get fresh juice into your system.  Remember, when completing a juice de-tox see your GP first and follow all recommendations.

    Get Juicing!

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    Comfort and Ease For Mum To Be

    New mums and pregnant parents are going through alot.  Amazing changes in their bodies, emotions and lots of thoughts and feelings running through their whole bodies, anticipating the arrival of their most precious addition.

    There are plenty of remedies, gadgets, comforters and gifts to make this new, exciting time a little easier for mum and we are here to recommend our pick of the bunch.

    Pregnancy cushions are a fabulous gift.  They ensure mum is supported while she sleeps which can be uncomfortable in the last days of pregnancy and they can even be used to comfort and feed baby when the baby is born.

    Pain relief without the need for drugs is also very popular and a safe way to relieve anxiousness, tension and pain without taking medication.  Look for a monitor, which delivers tiny electronic pulses to stimulate and soothe the muscles and relieve pain during labour and to help tone muscles after birth.

    Breast-feeding is not as easy as it seems and mum needs to have a comfortable chair and environment in which to feed their baby or express milk.  A comfortable chair, with side arms and even a rocker is a great piece of furniture and will be used in the nursery as baby grows too.

    When it comes to gifts, comforters and ways to make pregnancy and labour a little easier, practical is always best and most welcomed by any parent!

    #newmum #giftsfornewmum #babyshower #mumtobe

    How to create a new look on a budget

    Do you love fashion? Enjoy looking at celebrities and spotting new trends? Do you enjoy the feeling of a whole new outfit, but don't have the budget to match your fashion dreams?  Welcome to the world of average Australian women!  However, all is not lost and with a few quick and simple fashion tips you can freshen up your current wardrobe and create a whole new range of looks.

    Make an impact. Do you have a classy, favourite little black dress, but feel it has been worn too many times? Accessorise with some statement jewellery.  The dark palette lets your jewellery become a focal point so choose a chunky bangle or a statement, vintage look necklace for instant class.

    Add a pop of colour.  Brighten any outfit and give it a quirky, fun twist with a bright coloured bag or purse.  For more formal occasions, or the races, choose a hat to give you a great formal look and instant chic.  One tip is to choose shapes and designs that are classic, this means they last season after season without losing style.

    Choose one on-trend item.  Find out what the latest trends are and buy one piece of on-trend fashion to see you through the season without losing style points.  For example, this winter, chunky, oversized cardigans are popular and add cafe chic style as well as warmth to keep you through winter.  Throw this over your jeans and top, add some heels and a statement bag and you are ready to hit any hot Eastern suburbs lunch spot.

    By choosing wisely, keeping design trends classic and adding a pop of colour along the way you can easily re-invent your wardrobe and give yourself the confidence and style to see you through the fashion seasons!

    Gifts for Bookworms

    Do you know more people read on e-readers, kindle apps and tablets than real books?  Whatever platform or paper you read your book, reading is still reading and should be encouraged.  Its a warm feeling to know more people are reading for pleasure than ever before and it also means there are some great new gifts on the market for bookworms!

    No longer do book lovers need to hide under the duvet with a torch, waking in the morning with a crookneck or strained eyes.  There are lots of cool gifts and gadgets to choose from:

    If you ache when you sit up, you can invest in some crazy looking, but highly practical glasses so you can read whilst lying down.  A unique gift and a great way for people recovering at home or hospital to keep occupied and still able to read.

    A tablet pillow is a great idea.  Tablet and e-book readers can sit or lie in a multitude of positions and in comfort without their tablet slipping, moving or tilting.

    For those you love nothing more than to snuggle up with a good book, buy a super soft, snuggly throw.  Your bookworm can settle in and get lost in a good book for hours without getting cold toes!

    Keep your bookworm happy, warm and comfortable without a crick in the neck or aching shoulders.  Once they have turned the last page they will be fresh and ready to share some time with you!

    #booklovers #bookworms #giftsforbooklovers

    Gifts For Difficult To Buy For People

    We all have those friends or family members who are a nightmare to buy for when it comes to birthdays and Christmas!  They seem to have everything, or they are a little quirky, they may not have a fun hobby, love photography or love the gym.  So what do you buy someone who is difficult to buy for? Here are some tips to give you inspiration!

    Do they love the finer things in life?  Then how about some Whiskey Rocks, which keep the whiskey, cool without watering down or changing the taste of a 20 year old, priceless malt whiskey.  Or a jewellery or watch case to keep their treasures and jewellery collections safe.

    Do they drive for work, or have a car they love?  How about a car gadget such as a GPS holder or a tool kit so they can tinker away for hours  in the garage.

    Is your friend a girly girl? Then a fun coloured purse or handbag will brighten up any outfit and can be used for work functions or girls nights out!

    If your friend travels a lot for business, give them some travel luxe style with a funky passport holder or a travel bags to keep their stuff organised, crinkle and liquid spill free!

    Maybe they can't start the day with a morning coffee, so go for a quirky mug, which will become a talking point at the office.

    Rather than think about what your difficult to buy for friend loves, think about what they do in a day or a normal weekend.  A practical gift is often most welcomed and something a little unexpected always brings a smile!

    #choosinggifts #difficulttobuyfor #uniquegifts