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    Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

    Is The Block inspiring you to make-over your home?  You can create a whole new look and feel to any room in the house but changing just a few items.  No need for full renovations or costly purchases, our handy tips show you how to create the boudoir of your dreams without breaking the bank.

    Freshen up your soft furnishing and Manchester.  Stick to a colour scheme and pick accents.  Buy some Hawaiian themed cushions and choose a Manchester set, which brings out the colours.  Add to this a couple of throws and your bedroom will become a Waikiki suite!

    Look at the main focal point of your bedroom.  For most rooms it's the bed!  Choose a statement bedframe, which has a contemporary feel, then pair with plain bed linen and simple bedroom units to give the illusion of space, light and fresh modern feel.

    Space saving solutions.  Hide the junk to bring about a sense of space, peace and tranquillity to your bedroom. There are plenty of storage options to hide away your jewellery, shoes and scarves neatly.  Your bedroom will become a place you want to hang out and enjoy again!

    Just a few changes can make a real difference and completely change the look, feel and energy of any bedroom.  Take your time and create the bedroom of your dreams!

    Baby Shower Gifts

    If you aren’t a parent, you may recoil in terror at the thought of attending a baby shower.  All those squeals and baby talk, let alone the pressure of choosing the right gift for the mum to be and her impending offspring.  The first thing to do is breathe and then think about the mum as well as the baby.  If that fails you, we have you covered!

    Sun Bunny.  Is mum a sun bunny who loves being down at the beach or at the pools?  If she is, then it is quite likely that the newborn will become a water baby too!  Look for baby swimmers or swim accessories, which will protect new born skin from the sun and aid them in the water.

    Hipster mum.  If you are attending a hipster shower, have all the other guests coo in delight with a quirky babygro or a cute as a button hat.

    Mum is special too!  If you are really a duck out of water when it comes to babies, then a treat for mum will be most welcomed.  Maybe a maternity cushion to support her during breast feeding and those first few days, or a luxury robe so mum can feel feminine and herself as those first few days unfold.


    The rule is, keep it thoughtful, simple and practical and you are sure to survive!

    BBQ Bonanza

    It pays to get your BBQ area ship shape and ready for guests!  You may have the BBQ, you may have the steaks, but there are a couple of tiny additions you can make to create a cracking Australia Day, or family BBQ gathering:

    Lighting.  Great lighting sets the right tone and ambience, as well as helping you and your guests enjoy more time together as the sun goes down.  Choose coloured mood lights or maybe some flameless candles on the veranda or picnic table to create a soft, comfortable light.

    Fun.  Bring the fun with a game of beer pong, a slip n slide or some fun water soakers to break the ice and get everyone laughing.  Put on some tunes, bring out the games and let the fun begin!

    Comfort.  If you want your guests to relax and stay, then you need to offer them a comfortable place to relax.  Beanbags or inflatable wedge cushions are great to scatter around the garden or decking and an irresistible pool lounger will get the groups show pony centre stage!

    Sounds.  The right atmosphere and the right music will bring the whole event together.  There are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, which won’t break the bank and offer crystal clear sound.

    A few tiny additions will turn your BBQ into the party of the summer!

    Bags of Bags

    Bags are a great statement accessory and can transform any outfit.  They can be small and glamourous, offer a pop of colour or be a great, functional item.  So, which bag for which occasion?  We are here to help!

    Black is always a winner for an evening bag. It goes with everything!  Look for a bag which has enough space and compartments for the essentials only. Your money, your phone and of course, your lipstick!

    Add a pop of colour to brighten up a drab day or to freshen up an old outfit. A statement bag in a bright colour will draw attention and add a bit of fun to any occasion, event, or day out!

    If you find you are running out of hands and dropping everything on your morning commute, look for specially designed tablet organiser which holds your tablet safely and securely, has pockets for all your other belongings and looks stylish too.  No more arriving in the office on Monday morning looking flustered and frustrated. Become a sleek girl about the city who is organised and has her stuff together.

    If you travel a lot for work or weekends away, invest in a high quality weekender bag which will always look stylish and won’t snap, snag or break.  Travel efficiently and stylishly by choosing a leather bag that only improves with age!

    There is a bag for every occasion, but by having a core collection four bags you can be ready for just about any occasion whether its work or play!

    Get Organised

    Spring is on its way, so what better time to get moving on a big Spring clean of your home!  If you haven’t worn certain items of clothing for 12 months, be ruthless and take them to Vinnie’s for donation.  Chuck out or sell any unwanted or outdated electrical items and re-organise your home or apartment to clear it of clutter and make it Spring Fresh!

    We have some great ideas for family homes, to dorms and apartments.  Whatever the size of your home, we have ideas to keep you organised and your home welcoming:

    Is your bedroom scattered with knotted jewellery necklaces, lost earrings and jumbled bracelets?  Free up vital bench space in your bedroom or dorm room with a hanging jewellery organiser, which slips neatly over your bedroom or wardrobe door and has specially designed jewellery pockets. If you are a collector of belts and scarves, a tie and scarf organiser is a great way to not only store your accessories but to be able to see at a glance your wonderful collection!

    Keep the kids toys, computer games and sports equipment tucked away neatly in a storage box.  Look for boxes, which are large, yet shallow enough to slide under beds or wardrobes to save on space.

    If you are constantly tripping over left shoes about the house, invest in a couple of shoe organisers.  They slip on the back of any door and have pockets deep enough to hold any pair of shoes.  The organiser keeps pairs together, stops trips and falls as well as protecting shoes from scuffs and marks, otherwise caused by chucking in a shoe cupboard.

    A couple of ingenious organisers and a big family spring clean really can make your house feel like an inviting home again!