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    Food Industry and Hospitality First Aid Kit

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    ARTG Number - 286799


    1x Box Label

    1x CPR Sign

    4x Conf Bandage 2.5cmx1.5m

    3x Conf Bandage 5cmx1.5m

    3x Conf Bandage 7.5cmx1.5m

    2x Conf Bandage 10cmx1.5m

    1x Conf Bandage 15cmx1.5m

    2x Hosp Crepe Bandage 2.5cmx1.5m

    3x Hosp Crepe Bandage 5cmx1.5m

    3x Hosp Crepe Bandage 7.5cmx1.5m

    2x Hosp Crepe Bandage 10cmx4m

    2x Heavy Crepe Bandage 10cmx1.5m

    1x Heavy Crepe Bandage 15cmx1.5m

    5x Triangular Bandage Non-Woven 110x110cm

    5x Triangular Bandage Calico 110x110cm

    3x Combi Dsg 10x10cm

    3x Combi Dsg 10x20cm

    2x Combi Dsg 20x20cm

    1x Combi Dsg 20x43cm

    1x Combi Dsg 91x20cm

    3x #13 Wound Dsg

    3x #14 Wound Dsg

    2x #15 Wound Dsg

    2x Lite Dsg 7.5x10cm

    2x Lite Dsg 7.5x20cm

    3x Non Adherent Dsg 5x5cm

    2x Non Adherent Dsg 10x10cm

    2x Non Adherent Dsg 10x20cm

    2x Island Dsg 7.5x5cm

    2x Island Dsg 8x10cm

    2x Burn Dsg 75x75cm

    1x Burn Dsg 75x200cm

    2x Burn Gel Dsg 10x10cm

    1x Burn Gel Dsg 10x20cm

    5x Gauze Swabs 5x5cm 3s

    5x Eye Pad

    3x Pack of 3 bags for disposal use

    1x Alcohol Wipes 100s

    1x Iodine Swab 100s

    1x Hot Cold Pack

    2x Ice Pack

    2x Thermal Blanket

    4x Basic Dsg Pack

    10x Butterfly Closures

    1x Antiseptic Spray

    1x Saline Bottle

    10x Sodium Chloride Steri-tube

    1x Cotton Applicators 100s

    2x Eye Wipe Rubber Ends

    1x Eye Bath Cup

    1x Transparent Tape 2.5cm

    1x Paper Tape Wrapped 1.25cm

    1x Zinc Strapping Tape 1.25cm

    1x Zinc Strapping Tape 2.5cm

    10x Burn Gel sachet 3.5ml

    1x Fabric Knuckle/Fingertip 12s

    1x Fabric Dressing Strips 50s

    1x Cool Spray

    1x Thermometer

    10x Powder Free Gloves 2s

    1x Sharps Container 1L

    1x Pocket Mask

    1x Scissor

    1x Tweezer

    1x Safety Pin 12s

    4x Splinter Probe 5s

    1x Medicine Measure 30ml

    1x Plastic Cup

    1x Kidney Dish 10'

    1x Notebook

    1x Biro

    1x First Aid Notes

    1x Visual Dsg Strips 100s

    1x Finger Cots Large 100s

    1x Detectable Strapping Tape 2.5cm x 2.5m

    1x Detectable Dsg Roll 7.5cm x 1m

    1x Cohesive Bandage 5cm

    6x Antiseptic Creams

    1x Polythene Sheets 3 Pack (Small, Medium & Large)

    Food Industry and Hospitality First Aid Kit

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