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    Pilates Balance Board

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    This plastic wobble fitness and balance board will bring your Pilates workout to a whole new level!

    Enhance your balance and coordination during your Pilates workout with our new plastic wobble fitness balance board. The unique wobble design strengthens ankles while leaving you free to enjoy a full range of movement. Simple to use… all you have to do is hop on board and work at keeping the board horizontal and the edges from touching the floor.

    With minimal stress on joints, the balance board is ideal for rehabilitation by helping you in rebuilding and strengthening targeted muscle groups. The balance board is a perfect training device for athletes who must perfect their balance control.

    Use it at home or at the gym. It is compact and easily transportable. Wherever you go, toss the balance board on the floor and get a quick low-stress workout!


    Improves balance and coordination

    Minimum stress on muscles and joints

    Easily transportable

    Ideal for sports training and rehab therapy

    Convenient and easy to use

    Strengthens muscles

    Enhances Pilates workout

    41cm x 8-10cm

    Package weight: 1.1kg

    Package dimensions: 41 x 41 x 10cm

    Measurements are approximate


    1 x Pilates Balance Board

    Pilates Balance Board