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    VHS to USB adapter

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    This digital video converter makes it fun and easy for users to connect a camcorder, VCR, TV, or DVD to a PC and work with video. Dust off that old family reunion on VHS and burn it to disc!

    Perfect for making DVDs, video CDs, or converting video files to transfer to your favorite mobile video device. You can also record full motion video or take a snapshot/still frame image from different devices, everything is included to get you up and running immediately!

    Simply plug into a PC via USB, attach the analog source and let the powerful software do the hard work. It enables editing of digital files creating professional movies with transitions and titles. The easy to use software also makes the sharing of CDs, video CDs and DVDs with family and friends easy!

    You can also host video conferencing with live audio and video feeds from camcorder or any video camera to your computer via this unit and broadcast through Internet connection making it perfect for small business.

    The installation is simple with the professional video editing software which provides the great editing function and simple data and format transfer.


    This USB 2.0 video/audio capture DVD maker adapter can capture high-quality video and audio file directly through USB 2.0 interface without any need of a sound card

    You can capture from any Spycam/VHS/Mini-DV camcorders/TV

    Can transfer 8mm film from camcorder to PC

    It preserves old and treasured analog footage by digitising it for posterity

    Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/9/10


    1 x VHS to USB Adapter

    VHS to USB adapter