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    Musical Instruments

    Musical Instruments

    Musical Instruments

    Don’t you believe us when we say Simply Wholesale sell ANYTHING?! We even offer top of the line acoustic musical instruments!

    This is your chance to buy that guitar you have always wanted, or get serious with your musical set up with mic stands, stools, storage boxes and even acoustic foam to keep the neighbours happy!

    Simply Wholesale supports your creative dreams to becoming the musician you always dreamed of!

    10x 16T Wedge Acoustic Foam
    10x 16T Wedge Acoustic Foam $89.95
    No reviews
    20x 6T Acoustic Foam
    20x 6T Acoustic Foam $69.95
    No reviews
    40in Acoustic Guitar
    40in Acoustic Guitar $109.95
    No reviews
    43in Acoustic Bass Guitar
    43in Acoustic Bass Guitar $169.95
    No reviews
    Childrens Acoustic Guitar
    Childrens Acoustic Guitar $79.95
    No reviews
    Kids 4 Piece Drum Kit
    Kids 4 Piece Drum Kit $189.95
    No reviews