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    Children Punching Boxing Bag Set

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    Your Children will have hours of fun with this great kids’ size punching bag.

    While your kids are having fun slugging away at this pint-sized punching bag they won’t realize that they are learning to compete, improving their speed and agility, building strength and developing their eye-hand coordination.

    This punching bag comes with a pair of boxing gloves and will make a great gift for any boy or girl. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Starting out a youngster with a great and fun way to exercise and hone his or her athletic skills is the ideal way to begin a life-time of fitness awareness. Good forms of exercise generate more energy, spontaneity and positivity in children.

    Regular workouts with this punching bag set will get your kids off to a great start in life!


    Package includes: punching bag, boxing gloves, training ball stand

    Easy to assembly and store away

    Adjustable height 35-52”

    Sand (not included) can be used to weight stand

    Recommended for ages 3 and above


    1 x Children Punching Boxing Bag Set

    Children Punching Boxing Bag Set