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    Deluxe Aluminium Attic Loft Ladder - 2700mm to 3050mm

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    The Deluxe Aluminium Attic Ladder is a solution for independent construction contractors as well as do-it-yourself homeowners. Open up an entire new space in the home for storage, whether it's above the ceiling of one-story or two-story homes.

    The roof ladder is made from Aluminium & Pine, and comes complete with a smooth finish door. Expert craftsmanship means the ladder is exceptionally well-made for looks, durability, and safety. Each step of the ladder is serrated to provide anti-slip treads, and a safety lock with metal rod comes standard. Also included is a steel hand rail, again ensuring the safety of the user.

    The Deluxe Aluminium Attic Ladder is appropriate for both traditional ceiling joists as well as trusses. The hatch door includes a seal to help prevent dust and wind drafts, and tension is spring-based and fully adjustable. Additionally, several smart features have been added to make installation as easy as possible. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are included.

    This particular model is intended for ceiling heights ranging from 2700 to 3050 mms.


    Constructed from Pine

    36mm wide hatch door features a timber smooth finish

    Steel hand rails for maximum safety

    Lock and metal rod included for added security

    Solid construction

    Spring tension is fully adjustable

    Clear assembly instructions for easy installation

    Door includes seal for wind drafts and dust

    Suitable for traditional ceiling joists and trusses


    Frame size: 550 x 1280 mm (W x L)

    Projection: 1900 mm

    Range of ceiling height: 2700 to 3050 mm

    Landing space: 1550 to 1750 mm

    Door Panel size: 550 x 1260 mm (W x L)

    Side rails: 80 x 20 mm (W x D)

    Steps: 80 x 340 x 40 mm (W x L x D)

    Please Note: The metal frame shown in the images is for illustration purposes (to show how the item will look when it is set up) only and its not included in the package. This ladder is for domestic use only


    1 x Deluxe Aluminium Attic Loft Ladder - 2700mm to 3050mm

    Deluxe Aluminium Attic Loft Ladder - 2700mm to 3050mm