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    Executive Driver Car First Aid Kit

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    If you drive for a living, most of your waking hours are behind the wheel. There are occasions when accidents can happen either in, or out of the car and having a fully packed first aid kit in the boot or glove box is helpful.

    The Executive Driver First Aid Kit has a compact, yet comprehensive inventory of first aid supplies to treat many common, minor injuries as well as assisting you if you have been in a minor accident or broken down and waiting for help. The specially designed kit has a thermal blanket, bandages, plasters and splints to assist you until help arrives.


    Risk Rating: Moderate

    No. People Covered: Up to 5

    Item Count: 47

    Case: Clip-Shut, Hard Plastic

    Type: Portable

    Locale: Urban

    Size: Compact

    Colours: Green

    Box dimensions:

    Width – 27cm

    Height – 22cm

    Depth – 5cm

    ARTG Number - 286799


    1 x Plastic First Aid Hard Case

    1 x Plastic Dressing Strips - 10 Pack

    1 x Survival Thermal Blanket

    1 x Conforming Bandage - 2.5cm x 1.5m

    1 x Conforming Bandage - 5cm x 1.5m

    1 x Conforming Bandage - 7.5cm x 1.5m

    1 x Triangular Bandage Non-Woven - 110cm x 100cm

    1 x No. 13 Wound Dressing

    1 x Eye Pad Sterile Single Use

    1 x Eye Bath Cup

    1 x First Aid Notes and Instructions

    1 x Nitrile Powder Free Blue Gloves - 1 Pair

    1 x Lite Dressing - 7.5cm x 5cm

    1 x Keyring CPR Face Shield

    2 x Sodium Chloride Steri Tube - 15ml

    1 x Paper Tape Wrapped - 1.25cm x 9.1m

    1 x Scissors - 7.5cm First Aid - Small

    1 x Tweezers - 7.5cm First Aid - Small

    1 x Safety Pins - 12 Pack

    1 x Basic Dressing Pack

    1 x Cotton Applicators - 5 Pack

    Executive Driver Car First Aid Kit

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